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Big Jet



Big Jet was the final project with 3 group members, an arcade-action type experience where you are a robot who uses the debris of the environment to kick butt.


I got to do a bunch of 2D work on Big Jet, including character concepts, the game's visual target, the world map, and graphics for our game's branding.



Various work I did, mostly for Frozen North Productions (later Infusion Development).  A lot is pitch art for quicksheets and presentations, some for some games we were planning, as well as some graphic design work I did on the side.

Some random independent digital and analog artwork.



Flip's Twisted World was a puzzle-platformer for the Wii, and the first shipped title I've worked on so far.


I worked closely with our artists (in-studio and outsourced) with my concept art and providing visual and stylistic direction for the game's visual assets.

Flip's Twisted World


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