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The Vac-Attack GDD is a detailed game design doc detailing the design a first-person "shooter" concept I had from an earlier class.

The basic idea behind the game overall is that you are an alien defending your planet from strange invaders with a special vacuum-device that sucks up projectiles and launches them.


The game is a single-player, first-person action game.



The Big Jet Art Bible (or Tempest Art Bible at the time of its writing) is a rundown of our final project's art styles and guidelines.  My contributions to the document were the Characters, Weather/Lighting, Scale, and Character Fidelity sections.  I worked on this document collaboratively with KC Irvine and Tim Choi.



Also called Carrudoc: Tale of the Dark Key Mission Design Doc, this documentation is an excercise of fully detailing out a game concept's level scenarios and overall gameplay experience.  Carrudoc is an medieval fantasy-themed 3D third-person action game, with some subtle RPG elements.


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