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Details: Unreal, Capture-the-Flag, 6v6

Collaborators: Jace Becker


Rumble Jungle


Jungle Rumble is 6v6 map made with UDK collaboratively with peer Jace Becker.   

I created the base areas and helped with paper plans and lighting.  Action and danger is around of every corner of these winding forest paths.  The first team to capture the flag of their enemies' 3 times wins!




Details: Unreal, Deathmatch, 6v6

Collaborators: Damien LeLievre


Alderdorf is a setdressing project I did.  I was given a bare whitebox and asked to setdress and light it, with any theme I liked.  I went with a medieval theme, inspired partly by the Altdorf Imperial Palace from Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy universe.

The original level was designed and whiteboxed by Damien LeLievre.


Big Jet (levels)


Requires: Big Jet (free)

Details: Unique game, Action-Arcade, Single-player

Collaborators: KC Irvine


Big Jet was the final project with 3 group members, an arcade-action type experience where you are a robot who uses the debris of the environment to kick butt.

The levels are created and worked on in both Maya and Unity3D.  I designed the levels with a variety of different combat scenarios in mind.   KC Irvine was responsible for set-dressing these levels.

Starship Raiders


Details: Unreal, Stealth/Action, Single-player

Collaborators: None


Starship Reavers is a Action/Exploration level I made in UDK.

 Waking up from cyro-stasis, you realize that  your ship has been commandeered by android intruders, the rest of the crew slaughtered.  Unarmed, work your way towards re-taking control of the ship!


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