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Flip's Twisted World is 3D platformer-puzzle game for the Nintendo Wii where you play as the young wizard apprentice Flip, who has has gotten himself twisted up in a crazy, topsy-turvy world!  Use the Wiimote to magically turn the world as you travel, facing monsters, mysteries, and more!

Flip's Twisted World was developed by the small start-up Frozen North Productions and published by Majesco Entertainment.  On this production, I owned the roles of concept artist and visual direction, and also developed level paper-plans and assisted with the creative direction of the game's story and worlds.

This was  the first game production I had the privelege of working on, and was a great experience.  Its where I learned that I loved game design, getting my first taste of working creatively on games with other talented people, and getting to see some of my ideas come to life in an important way.




LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  Flip's Twisted World and all  of its related characters, locations, themes, concepts and content are property of Majesco Entertainment.


Flip's Twisted World

Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
Developer: Frozen North Productions
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Rating: E for Everyone

Release Date(s): October 2010 (NA),

Q3 2010 (PAL)




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